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6 May

The 4 Must See Spots in Unawatuna

Unawatuna is a traveler’s paradise! But there is much more to it than sun sand and sea. Whether you’re looking for landscapes, adventure or chill vibes, you can find your perfect balance in this small coastal town. Find the main hottest spots and unmissable destinations in this one-stop guide.


1 – Unawatuna Beach


The main beach in Unawatuna is in the center of town, surrounded by all the good restaurants and little bars providing the perfect buzz. The beachy bay is where you want to head for a day of tanning and is a perfect place to take a dip and cool off after. With many of the bars and restaurants lining the beach itself offering sun loungers as well as food and drinks, you can pick a prime spot and camp out all day.Unawatuna Beach - The 4 must seen spots in Unawatuna that you shouldn´t miss out

If you’ve had enough of the sun, wander through the streets behind the beach that are full of shady cafes, trinket shops and some of the best Roti’s around.

The chilled vibes continue after dark so stay for sundowners and watch the sunset with the sound of the waves in your ears and sand under your feet. Maybe even stick around for one of the many beach parties along the shore where you are guaranteed to have a great night.

At the west of the beach, there is a small temple named Devol Devalaya on the headland overlooking the ocean. Sunset in Unawatuna Beach - Picture for the post the 4 must see spots in UnawatunaNestled between the rocks you will find some stairs leading you to a small hill and one of the best locations to watch the sunset.

Climb the stairs to find the small Buddhist temple and just behind it a cliff down to the water, perfect for watching the sun go down.

Just a short walk from your beach camp out, you will get the most stunning views over the bay with the waves crashing against the rocks below. What could get better than that?


2 – Jungle Beach


If you are looking for a more secluded experience, Jungle Beach is Unawatuna’s haven.

It´s just West of Unawatuna’s main beach, on a top of a mountain and is an amazing walk down with the hilly greenery providing some stunning views before you have even reached the beach itself.

Jungle Beach with dron view -The four must seen spots in Unawatuna that you should not miss out

Once on the beach, you can expect crystal blue waters and sandy coves that put the photographs to shame. Just a few meters from the shore is a coral reef, which combined with the idyllic waters makes Jungle Beach a great spot for snorkeling.

The reef itself is degraded but there are still plenty of opportunities to see small marine life so anyone with the gear can easily enjoy a day In the water here without paying for a crowded boat trip.

When you’re in need of some rest and refueling, there is a small beach shack serving cold drinks and quick bites to keep you energized for your adventures. In high season, the shack provides an excellent venue for DJ-driven Wednesday night parties that you don’t want to miss.

Jungle Beach -The four must seen spots in Unawatuna that you should not miss outThe calm shores also mean this is the perfect place to switch off and just listen to the sound of the waves in this mini paradise.

The beauty of Jungle Beach is undeniable but as with most places it can be spoiled by the litter scattered across the landscape. Fortunately, however, this has inspired a few local enterprises to organize Beach Clean Ups throughout the area, inspiring both locals and tourists to help create a cleaner and safer environment around the beach, something you might like to get involved with yourself!

Credits to our mates of Mr. Funks Hostel and Beach Cleanup Sri Lanka for such a valuable initiative, as they´ve been the pioneers in organizing the event.


3 – Japanese Temple


Japanese Pagoda with a drone -The four must see spots in Unawatuna that you should not miss out

                                     Pic by www.pajuskanacesatch.cz

On the hillside near Jungle Beach, you will find the Japanese Peace Pagoda, one of the most popular attractions in the area. You can either take a TukTuk to the top or enjoy the views from the walk which comes highly recommended to experience what is a truly peaceful pagoda.

This impressive monument was built by the Japanese Buddhist monks of the Mahayana sect in 2005 as part of their scheme to build peace temples in conflict zones and reunite and connect their people.

You’ ll find also a memorial to remember the tsunami victims.

Once at the top you can really feel its calming influence making it a great spot for relaxation and reflection. The views of Galle Bay and the ocean are spellbinding at both sunrise and sunset, whichever suits your plans!



4 – Dalawella Beach


Is the perfect combination of the atmosphere and activity of Unawatuna with the beautiful scenery from Jungle Beach.

It’s a long sandy beach lined with palm trees and sparkling waters that give it the look of paradise. One of the main attractions is the cDalawella Beach in the sunset -The four must seen spots in Unawatuna that you should not miss outhance to get close to the giant turtles, swimming alongside you in the bay – a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Throughout the day the tide goes out forming a lagoon, perfect for a lazy dip in the sea and stunning during the golden hours. The beautiful and varied landscape of Dalawella makes this an ideal place for those picture perfect moments.Palm tree in Dalawella Beach -The four must seen spots in Unawatuna that you should not miss out

The infamous palm tree rope swing of Dalawella is definitely one for your bucket list. Everyone gets excited to swing out over the Indian Ocean which has meant this has become one of the most Instagrammed shots in Sri Lanka – and for good reason!

Once the excitement is done, relax in one of the many restaurants and hotels on the beachfront and watch the sun fade.

Now you’ve read about all the hotspots in Unawatuna, make sure you are able to check them out for yourselves! The Rockstel is the perfect base camp for you so don’t miss anything out.


Have you already been here? Which spot do you recommend the most? And if you liked this post share it with your buddies!

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