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8 May

How to Get Your Indian Visa in Sri Lanka

So you’re heading to India, but you are in Sri Lanka and you need your visa, you’re ready to go, you’re keen as can be but you aren’t sure how to gain access to this strange far away land, mayIndian visa stamped - Image for The Rockstel Blog How to Get Your Official Indian Visa in Sri Lankabe not that far away from Sri Lanka but certainly strange. Maybe you’ve heard it is a long and complicated process? You’re not sure what documents you need or where to take them?

No worries, we got you covered as we love to assist our fellow travelers here at The Rockstel Blog so that’s why we’re here to help you!

Before starting the procedure of getting your Indian visa in Sri Lanka, you should decide how long you want to stay.

India is the third largest country in Asia (with more than a billion 1,3 billion population in 2018). Trust us, you have thousands of miles to wander so the longest you stay the better, as you can apply for a 2 month visa or for a 6 month one.

By the way, if you have double nationality you´ll have to do the paperwork for both passports.

Getting your Indian Visa in Sri Lanka for two months: 2 month E-Visa


If you’re just looking for a brief holiday or simply feel like you’ve got better things to see and do then 2 months will be enough time in India, conveniently this means you can apply for an E-visa and you won’t have to worry about visiting any offices.

If 2 months is all you need then look no further than below for all the necessary information. All the procedure can be done online. But watch out! As we said is a massive country! You´ll have enough with a 2 month journey?

Should you want to truly get amongst India and really dig your teeth in then you´ll need to look further.


Steps to Get an Indian Visa in Sri Lanka for 2 months?


How Indian map and rupee - Image for The Rockstel Blog How to Get Your Official Indian Visa in Sri Lankato Get Your Official Indian Visa in Sri Lanka

  • Pay your fee, which will vary according to your nationality. As a traveler tip, usually the countries within the European Union or those who any historic or trading connection with India – England and its relatives as Australia and New Zealand – will pay cheaper fees.


  • Wait up to 7 days and you´ll get your confirmation. And don´t stress out. You´ll receive your answer 😉  You can trust the source as is the Official Website of the Government of India.

On the other hand, if you feel like staying longer in the country, then the 6 month visa if for you!

And how to get an Indian visa in Sri Lanka for 6 months?


If you have found yourself here you clearly have the intention of getting right in there and experiencing everything India has to offer so you’ll be looking for anywhere up to 6 months to explore!

The bad news here my friend is you’re going to need to attend some government agencies and you’re going to have to sit around for a few hours. The good news is that for the small price of 6 hours you’re gonna get yourself 6 months in this wild place.

Surely you can wait a few hours! You are in Sri Lanka after all, mellow out 😉

So now before you dash off to the Indian Consulate of Sri Lanka, as obvious as it seems, DON’T! They won’t process Indian visas!

The appropriate destination for your visa dear traveler is the nearby Indian Visa Service in Colombo. The office is easily reachable by train, bus or tuk-tuk. View their website below for all the information about the things you’ll need to bring (photos and other stuff you need can be obtained on the same street).

Grab a book or make sure you have your phone charger with you or any form of entertainment as you will need to wait.

Our friend Fanny in the Taj Mahal - How to Get Your Indian Visa in Sri Lanka

Our friend Fanny & the Taj Mahal – Pic by Fanny Castello

Once you’ve been to the office your gonna have to kick it in Sri Lanka for another week, devastating right another 7 days in paradise and after this week of relaxing return to the IVS with your passport between 08:30 to 14:00 and return the next day to collect it and you’re Indian visa between 16:00 and 17:00.

The address for the Indian Visa Service Office (IVS) in Colombo is:

129, Philip Gunawardena Mawatha Thunmulla Junction

Colombo -04

And you´ll find more info about the procedure in the website http://ivsvisalanka.com/TouristVisa.aspx

So be patient and follow the instructions! After all travel buddies, you should be well on your way to India in a truly legitimate fashion. So enjoy your last days in Sri Lanka!

No doubt you´ve found the above information highly informative so feel free to share this post to assist your friends who may be in a similar situation. As you know, this is from travelers to travelers so others will appreciate it.

Have a safe journey! ?


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