Surf Lessons

Beginner? Intermediate? It doesn’t matter!



If you´ve never surfed before and are keen to try, or just want to improve your skills, we have several surf points where you can get surf lessons from a local expert.



The Rockstel on both locations has plenty of nearby surf spots to learn where the waves are friendly and forgiving. Choose from tiny and smooth white waves to green waves.


Prices start at 2500 rupees per lesson and once you´ve mastered the basics you can hire a board so you can perfect what your instructor taught you. And our team won’t hesitate in joining you! Ask our Rockstel staff so we can organise a lesson with a local surf guru.


And before finishing, we here at The Rockstel can share some advice with you for a better surfing experience:

01 Always check both sides to make sure you have a 360° view.

02 The person paddling behind you has preference.

03 The surfer already riding the wave has preference so stop paddling and give the wave away!

04 If somebody skips on the previous rules and manages to stand up, give the wave away even if you have preference – no one wants anyone to get hurt!

05 Just caught the perfect wave? Think of your fellow surfers and keep out of their way when paddling back out so they’ll catch their perfect wave too.

06 Don’t forget to be friendly and apologise when needed. Some days the water is so crowded that you could have a situation, and nobody wants a situation. Remember that you are there for fun!

07 Be careful with the fins and try to not surf in shallow water, otherwise the school will charge a penalty if you break any fin.

Follow our advice and you’ll have the time of your life!